Five Things That Make Bolt The Leader in Advertising


Whether your business is a brand-new start up, or a well-experienced stalwart – a marketing partner can make all the difference in growing your business, earning customer loyalty, and truly standing for something that attracts attention.

Advertising is far too important in today’s digital age to choose just anybody to help you market your company. You need an industry leader – somebody who believes high-quality, impactful marketing strategy is the way to get the thunderous results you’ve always dreamed of.

Below you will find 5 reasons why Bolt Advertising is the leader in advertising you’re searching for:

1. A Wide Range of Marking Solutions; One Company

For your business to make some noise in the marketplace, it’s going to need advertising diversity. There’s not one service in particular that you can rely on to reach all of your ideal customers.

This means the perfect marketing campaign will include a vast array of marketing channels, including:

· Website development


· Social media

· Display ads

· Copywriting

· Email marketing

· Video

· And even print services

Bolt is your 360° marketing partner, offering all these marketing services – and even more – in one place.

2. All-Star Teams Should Be Creative and Strategic

In order to benefit from those diverse marketing channels, you can’t rely on one marketing expert (nobody can ever be that specialized in so many services). What your business needs is a team, and that’s exactly what Bolt provides:

· Do you need consulting and branding services? We have brand specialists.

· Do you need website development and content creation? We have designers and copywriters.

· Do you need social media management? We have social media pros.

· Do you need SEO help for ranking higher on Google? We have SEO specialists.

· Do you need someone to put it all together for you? We have account managers.

And on the list goes for every single one of your business’s marketing needs.

Our team values a mixture of strategy and creativity. We are well-researched and know how to get the edge, but we are also artistic and innovate, helping you stand out. The result of this all-star team? One cohesive marketing campaign spurred on by many, many different experts.

3. One-Size-Fits-All Really Means One-Size-Fits-NONE

At Bolt, we believe impactful marketing creates thunderous results. There is no way that generic, cookie-cutter marketing services are ever going to make an impact.

That’s why we are all about customizing a marketing campaign.

Bolt doesn’t have one template to hand out to each of our clients. We take the time to get to know your business and to get to know your ideal customer. Everything we create from that point on will be uniquely tailored with you in mind. (If you’re not quite sure what makes your business stand apart yet – our consultants and branding experts can help you find your unique voice.)

Similarly, we know that offering each business their own personalized services is key. Maybe your business model needs more print advertising than another company because you see more people face-to-face. Or maybe your social media will be our main focus and you forego any print advertising.

4. You Own Your Business, So You Should Own The Brand

Some advertising agencies will trick you into creating your marketing materials – like a website – and never actually give you ownership of them. This can leave you ruined if your partnership ever goes south.

But here at Bolt, we believe your business is just that…your business.

So that website we have developed for you? It’s all yours. When we have finished with your web development project, you will receive every single file and image, and you will own the property.

And the logo we have carefully crafted? It’s all yours. Once you have chosen that ideal logo out of our provided options, we offer you two extra revision. That way you always end up with an end result you’re thrilled with. Why should you ever have to give that up? You shouldn’t.

5. There’s No Such Thing As Secrets At Bolt

We get it: your business means everything to you. The last thing you want to do is hand a company some money and cross your fingers that something great maybe happens.

That’s why we value transparency. All of our advertising services come with:

· Support: You have a team working alongside of you, real people you can speak to and discuss your wants, needs, ideas, and even concerns.

· Reporting and Tracking: You should be able to see your own analytics, so Bolt provides them for you online 24/7. These reports will show you up-to-date information on clicks, impressions, top keywords, and much more.

· Performance Reviews: At scheduled intervals, your Bolt account manager will provide an all-round performance review that gives you information on things like the quality of your leads, the performance of your overall campaign, and even a review of customer calls.

Not only do we think transparency is a cornerstone of success, but we also recognize the reality of the marketing situation. Things change. By allowing you to monitor the results right along with us, we can – together – continually adjust your marketing campaign to ensure you get those thunderous results over the long-term.

Wondering how Bolt Advertising could help your business? Make Bolt your 360° marketing partner by contacting us today. Visit our website and request a consultation.

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