Social Media: tips for interacting with your followers

Thanks to the Internet, businesses can network in ways they only dreamed about before. We can reach out to customers and potential customers easily and quickly – they are only one ‘like’ or ‘follow’ away. Social media, when used properly, can be a very powerful marketing tool in our arsenal.


But social media should not be about force-feeding information. That’s a one-sided relationship that will end in an ‘unfollow’ because you seem like a pushy salesperson. Instead, it’s all about interacting. When you keep the following 5 tips in mind, you will find that you are connecting with your customers… and so your business is growing as a result.


  1. Participate


Don’t be someone who simply posts and then sits back. Be proactive and engage your followers by interacting with them. People appreciate the effort you put forth and it helps to make you more real to those who are following you. If they comment, comment back. If they ask a question, be sure to answer as soon as possible. Ask them questions too.


  1. Invite


Rather than simply hoping that your social media following grows, invite others to follow you. Make sure your email newsletter always encourages ‘follows’ and ‘likes’. Your website must have social media links. And don’t forget about those who walk into your brick-and-mortar business – have your social media handles on all your cards and pamphlets. If you don’t ask for the follow, you probably won’t get it.


  1. Get Personal


Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a very personal level. Rather than only posting informative things on Facebook or Twitter and then hoping people care, help your customers to know you and your business. This can be done in a number of different ways, including starting social media events, featuring your customers and those who follow you on social media, sharing your heart and personality… or our next tip…


  1. Highlight Employees


Let’s piggyback off the idea of getting personal and focus on one fabulous way to do just that. How much do your social media followers know about the people behind the business? Try highlighting your employees so your social media followers can feel engaged with what you all are creating. People love a story. So knowing more about the employees can help followers connect and fully buy into your vision. Big bonus: your employees will feel the love too.


  1. Be Creative


Just about every business is on social media, but that does not mean every business is using it to the full potential. Bring Facebook’s live feature into your day-to-day operations to show people how everything works. Get followers using a fun new hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Offer a social media giveaway. Options are endless.



The main goal is to treat social media the same way you would an in-person networking event. Be friendly. Reach out. Show off your brand’s personality. Pretend that each person following you is sitting down in your office. It may feel like you are just typing on a screen, but you are actually talking to real people. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to truly interact with your customer base.

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